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Sustainable economy – driving companies to greater innovations

Forasmuch as the apparel industry is second in polluting the Earth, it is no surprise that there are many innovations happening just there.

As the Pulse of the Fashion Industry Report, issued in May 2018, shows – more than 70% of the companies in that sector have improved their environmental performance for the last year, utilising multiple innovations in their business model.

One of the biggest and most impressive innovation is being developed at Eon-ID. They are creating a global system for modifying old clothes into new materials and apparel. As well as that, they also are going to launch the first global tagging system. It is planned to implement radio frequency identification tags in clothing which would help to manage the textile lifecycle by providing information about used materials and how to effectively recycle them.

Global brands such as H&M and Zara can also boast with developing a more sustainable business. Both brands have exclusive collections made of recycled materials and ecologically grown cotton. Econyl is the newest innovation in fibres, used by H&M. The new fibre is produced from refurbished nylon and helps reduce plastic waste.

Nike, on the other hand, have concentrated their efforts on developing an exceptional application that will allow designers to create more environmentally friendly products.

These are just a few examples for companies who have embraced the new technologies and implement them in their business strategy so they can help save the planet. For as Dame Ellen Macarter, one of the chief masterminds in the circular economy says in an interview for The Business of Fashion that we need to improve the way we create and use goods. It is important that their production and use not only do less bad to the Earth but also help to preserve it. This challenge is particularly prominent for the fashion industry. But if we change perspective, it can also be seen as a great opportunity for companies to analyse and study new materials, develop and implement new business standards and experiment with technology so it would work for their advantage.

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